Technical SEO Consultancy

We are a small, remote team of highly specialised and experienced individuals from across the globe who love what we do and who we do it for.
We bring rich experience from failed and successful business models and tech stacks to help customers improve in challenging digital times through best in class technical SEO.

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A consultancy that delivers. Not just recommends.

There’s still a clear knowledge gap in technical SEO when it comes to major decision making across online industries. The curiosity and need for SEO is growing but commonly on a reactive basis after things have gone wrong or numbers are starting to plateau.

Slingshot Organic joins a group of amazing people striving to build and execute next generation technical SEO strategies. We take on niche and broad-scope projects, some of which are in the pre-build or pre-transformation phase. We still act as consultants a lot of the time, providing expertise and forming strategies tailored to customers’ needs and budgets. Outside of website and platform auditing, our core focus is on the implementation phase. After all, a technical SEO audit is not worth the money just written down on paper.

  • Comprehensive SEO Audit
  • Advanced SEO Data Mining
  • Website Security Analysis
  • Tech Stack Evaluation
  • eCommerce Audit
  • Technical SEO Strategy
  • Roadmap Recommendations
  • Detailed Project Plans + Budgets
  • Personnel Training + Workshops
  • Migration Loss Mitigation Planning
  • E2E SEO Migration Strategy
  • Full Stack Development
  • E2E SEO Implementation
  • Data Engineering & Dashboarding
  • UI/UX Design


Companies we've worked with over the years

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A tech SEO's best friend: Scale your attribute-based pages.
Without over-indexing. Without under-indexing.

Automatically create thousands of categories that match the way consumers use Google. Capture the long-tail of search traffic, and boost your generic organic traffic by 3-5x, all while increasing conversion rates.

  • Built for multi-shop, multi-geo, multi-platform, and marketplaces
  • Category and attribute level indexation control
  • Only create indexable pages for attribute permutations that have enough products and search volume
  • Optimise your default rules for metadata, h1s + URLs; or go a step further and override them at a page level
  • See, browse and analyse the performance of all your long tail categories